Whole Living – Heart Health 101 with Martha Stewart

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A Valentines Gift: Be Kind to Your Heart

Dr. Cynthia Paulis discusses with Dr. Kathy Magliato the subtle…
February 14, 2011/by admin

Doctor Radio

"Doctor Radio" Sirius XM channel 119 on XM service
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The Key to a Woman’s Heart: Pay Attention to It

Dr. Cynthia Paulis talks to Dr. Kathy Magliato about Women's…
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ABC News: Interview with Barbara Walters: Lessons from Tim Russert’s Death- 2/4/11

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SIRIUS XM Radio channel 107 Interview

SIRIUS XM Radio channel 107
Interview - "Broadminded" Hosted…
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Cosmopolitan Magazine: How to Stay Calm Under Pressure


Uncover Dr. Kathy Magliato's ways to stay calm in a…
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No. 1 Heart Disease Sign for Women? – ABC News

US News | Entertainment News | ABC News Videos
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Barbara Walters special: Surgeon explains surprising signs of heart disease.

No. 1 Heart Disease Sign for Women?

Barbara Walters special:…
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USA Today: 10 Myths about Heart Disease

Imagine hearing news of a catastrophe causing the deaths of 2,200…
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Can the Partial Artificial Heart for Dick Cheney Last?

Dr. Kathy Magliato weighs in on the longevity of a partially…
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People Make A Difference (PMAD)

People Make A Difference (PMAD):
September 21, 2010
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