“A fascinating look at the life-or-death world of cardiothoracic surgery”

People Magazine

“Magliato belies the myth of surgeons as distant, cocky, robotic – and male”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Fast-paced, smooth writing that never bores.”


“Magliato is a courageous, successful doctor with admirable goals and an impressive resume.  Bold and educative.”

-Kirkus Review

“This is an exciting read, following the transformation of a young girl’s dreams into the reality of living her passion for the heart as one who daily touches and cuts into that amazing organ to hopefully save lives.”

-National Kidney Foundation

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“One opportunity builds upon another.”

“Healing Hearts” is Dr. Kathy Magliato’s account of her life as one of the few female cardiothoracic surgeons in the United States. She is also a loving wife and the doting mother of two young sons. At forty-five, Magliato is an attending surgeon and the director of women’s cardiac services in a California hospital. She has an MBA, which has enabled her to branch out…

An AMAZING book!”

WHAT A GREAT BOOK! Though I’d like to write her to hopefully ask about some issues she brought up (I’m a nurse), it was SO GOOD. It honestly made me fall in love with medicine again. SO GOOD. It’s a great insight into the world of cardiac surgeouns, as well as medicine, as well as heart health. LOVED it — I’m sad it’s over.

“Arresting cardiac event”

In the past half-century, only about 180 American women have become board-certified heart surgeons. And just like the men, sometimes they lose patients. In Kathy’s Magliato’s “Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon,” women of all ages die — bleeding out on the table, stricken by trauma, born with cardiac deformities.  In the opening pages, she goes from cracking open a woman’s chest (“like breaking a wishbone, we pulled her sternum apart”) to delicately massaging a still-beating heart…

*Some book reviews were taken from Amazon Customer Reviews.