Why doesn’t everyone want to be a heart transplant surgeon?


Not sure where this email will end up, but I just have to say that I just got your book for Christmas.  I take my MCAT in 14 days from yesterday, and while part of me wants to drop dead and be put out of my misery (painlessly, please), the other part of me is so beyond determined to become one hell of a CT surgeon.  It’s been my dream job ever since I began having dreams.

I’m only 100 pages into your book – not sure how I’ve made the time for those 100 pages amidst memorizing the henderson hasselbalch equation and galvanic batteries (damn batteries) – but the way you talk about surgery and the heart and being a woman-boss is literally almost word for word how I’ve talked about those same aforementioned things.  In a nutshell: WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE WANT TO BE A HEART TRANSPLANT SURGEON? I burst at the seems every time I say that.  I fall asleep every night watching surgeries on YouTube, anxiously awaiting the next time I talk my way into a surgery observation.  I can’t decide if it’s sick and twisted, or preeminent learning.  Probably both.  I find most med students are a little of both. Sigh.

One day, when I am a lowly CT resident, I will track you down at a surgery convention, and have you sign my book.  Or show up at your office and geek out over CT history.  I’ll be *that* person.  Just give me a couple years.  But mark my word, it will happen.