A thank you message by Jeff

Thank You so much. I just finished reading your memoire last night and I find myself sitting in the moment reflecting on it all.
Thank You for caring,
Thank You for enduring the glass ceiling,
Thank You for knowing what it is you wanted to do with your life,
Thank You for your tenacity,
Thank You for developing into a beautiful women who is guided by your Faith,
Thank You for your encouraging, positive outlook,
I could go on with praise for you as an inspiration for others to aspire to. Your book has caused me to take more time with others and be patient as well. I have spent some time in reflection over my past. This is a good thing. I see where there are areas of my life that I can improve on myself as well as assist or serve others. There is so much we can do for ourselves and others in our daily life,  only if were more cognizant of the bigger picture and the lives we touch.
May you continue to reach your goals. May you succeed with the woman’s health center as well as your continued involvement with research and development with developing procedures and devices towards more successful heart transplant surgery.
I am proud to know you and to know the good you put out into the world, your husband as well.
In Deepest Regards,