Letters of Inspiration: Aug 9th, 2011

It’s letters like these that make it all worth it.  Thank you!

Date: Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 3:16 PM
Subject: Amazing book!
To: info@kathymagliato.com

Dr. Magliato–I must tell you how much I enjoyed your book, “Heart Matters”. I just finished reading it I found it extremely inspirational and informative. You are a remarkable woman! My husband and I have three sons who have completed Medical or Dental School and one who completed both ( to become an Oral Surgeon). One of our daughter-in-laws is an anesthesiologist and one of our sons is a cardiac anesthesiologist. My husband is a dentist and I am a Registered Nurse. So we are deeply entwined with the medical/dental field!

One of our grandsons is a 4 year old fraternal twin (conceived through IVF) born with a biscupid aortic valve. He has displayed no symptoms but the tests show that the valve is leaking a bit and there is some stenosis. In my heart there is a sadness and fear of what this adorable little guy will be facing. My constant prayer is that he will not have to have intervention until he is older, but time will tell. How I wish you were the one in charge of his care. Your compassion for your work and your compassion for your patients is commendable. If I were faced with a cardiac issue, I would be looking for you!!

I wish you the very best as you continue in your work. I hope there is time in your life for you to enjoy your precious family–they are a gift. The world and medical field could certainly use more people like you!

Sincerely, K. P.